It looks like Game‘s beef with Stitches finally came to fisticuffs. Not between Jayceon and Stitches himself, however.

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Game’s manager, who’s awkwardly named Wack 100, apparently got into an altercation with Stitches in Miami last night, during which their confrontation turned physical, as Wack punched Stitches, knocking him down to the pavement. Prior to the K.O., Stitches was reportedly seeking Game out with intentions of confronting him. This is the alleged video footage of the confrontation.

Naturally, Game was elated with the night’s sequence of events, and shared that sentiment on Instagram in a recorded Facetime call with Wack 100.


@Stitches need stitches ?????? aye @Wack100 young boy got a fuckin glass jaw….. Boy was out cold for about 45 seconds after that coldddddd right…. Tried to get up, fell back down……. This yo city ??? Naw… This a Zoe city… Now post a video of that lip so the world can see & don’t wait two weeks to show yo face or give us no old pics…. We ain’t buying it…. ” un huh, okay, wassup, SHUT UP #TrickDaddyVoice #ShowUsYourLipTonite #WellAfterYouWipeTheBloodOff ????????????????????????????????? Go to my nigga @40Keys page & watch that boy get out the car wobbly wit that bloody mouth lmaooooooooo #YouGotKnockedTheFuckOut ???????????#WhyHeWontPostNoVideo ????? #Yuuuup #NightNightNigga #RAPCAREEROVER #StreetCredGone #NowLemmeGetBackToEatingMyGrilledCheese A video posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on

To add insult to injury, Stitches was detained by off-duty cops who feared he was preparing for a more violent act: a drive-by shooting. Here’s his mugshot, per TMZ.

game stitches

Game and Stitches’ beef escalated this year when Stitches released a diss track towards the Compton rapper, and released another video, insulting Game’s children.