Earlier this week actor, filmmaker, and social awareness advocate Adrian Grenier launched the Lonely Whale Foundation, an organization focusing on ocean health awareness through dialogue and education.

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Producer Lucy Sumner and director Josh Zeman are also partners on this project, with the trio hoping to stimulate global change.

The collaboration was inspired by a 52 Hertz whale, known as “the world’s loneliest whale.” Using the animal as an example, The Lonely Whale Foundation hopes to help people understand the ocean better and the animals that live in it. The Lonely Whale Foundation also hopes to motivate people to care for the ocean and all marine wildlife. The group believes humans must work together to help make a positive change.


According to Grenier, “The mission for this foundation has been years in the making, and we hope the result will be greater understanding of our oceans, as well as mobilize our society to ensure these creatures do not disappear from our oceans.”

To celebrate the launch of this foundation, Grenier, in partnership with Dell, has released a new virtual reality experience called Cry Out: The Lonely Whale Experience. This virtual reality experience was unveiled yesterday at Art Basel in Miami. Featuring an underwater VR experience created by 3D Live, the exhibit will next be taken to the United Nations Paris Climate Conference. Afterwards, Cry Out will be featured at events all over the world to help educate people and spread the foundation’s message.