Stephen Curry is quickly becoming the face of the NBA alongside the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin. Winning the MVP trophy and leading the Golden State Warriors to a NBA Championship further strengthened his celebrity. Currently, the Warriors sit atop the league with a 21-0 winning streak, the longest opening streak in NBA history. Though he is Davidson College‘s most accomplished alumni, the institution won’t be retiring his college jersey anytime soon.

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School policy states that only players who earn a degree can be eligible to have their jersey’s retired. Curry knew this very well when he decided to forgo his senior season and declare for the NBA draft back in 2009. Speaking on the topic, he said that graduating his definitely still on his list of goals.

I knew what I signed up for when I went to Davidson,” Curry said. “I made a promise to coach [Bob] McKillop and my family that when I left school back in ’09 that that would be accomplished — and it will be soon. Hopefully sooner than later.

One of the issues that stands in Steph Curry’s way is the fact that Davidson does not offer any summer courses. Now that the Golden State Warriors are making deep playoff runs, it is almost impossible for the all-star point guard to find the necessary time for his studies. This most certainly won’t be happening anytime soon considering that Curry has committed to play in the 2016 Olympic games next summer in Brazil.


It’s still a priority for sure; obviously there’s a lot going on right now,” Curry said. “Taking advantage of my career right now on the court in the NBA, it’s only a very short window, so you want to give all the attention and effort. But to be able to finish out that part of my life, whenever it does happen, will be huge.

Do you think that Davidson should make an exception or should Curry hold up his end and complete his education?