Hip Hop is all about the dollars. Especially since the 1990s, when everything exploded in terms of earning potential for artists, the amount of money available for projects, the growth of the large record companies and small companies. Even industries affiliated with the culture experienced a boom, however, what many people may not know is there are public companies out there that are directly connected to the Hip Hop culture that the astute investor or layperson can invest in if they so choose. When most people mention an involvement in Hip Hop culture, it is usually from the creative standpoint. There are ways to be involved directly without writing raps, producing beats, doing graffiti, or break dancing. You can buy stock in these companies and get involved from an economic standpoint. The companies on this list are traded on the stock market, all you need is a brokerage account through entities like E-Trade, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab, some money and you are ready to invest. There is also an activist component to buying stock because depending on the amount of stock purchased, you can possibly affect the decisions and spark change by having a seat at the table.

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Apple, Current Stock Price: $119.03

Of course, nothing more has to be said about Apple. Apple is arguably the first option for many people when buying music. Since their purchase of Beats By Dre, they have entered the hardware market and streaming market with Apple Music.


Idle Media, Inc Current Stock Price: $0.05

Whenever Future, Gucci Mane, Fabolous, or any artists for that matter drop a mixtape. Nine out of ten times, you can bet it will be on DatPiff. Idle Media, Inc. is the parent company that owns the mixtape website which has been the go to for so many artists and listeners. Next time you go on DatPiff, while listening to your favorite artist or checking out someone new, you may want to think about getting stock in the company.

Pandora, Current Stock Price:$12.24

As streaming becomes the default for many people listening to music, you can expect companies like Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and others to become even more prominent in the music space. Royalty issues are still a big issue and have caused the streaming services not grow as fast as possible but, no one can argue the effect these services have on the music world. So when/if you are feeling a 90s vibe, or want to vibe out to strictly artists from the Midwest, get your Pandora popping and look into buying the stock.

Sony, Current Stock Price: $25.39, Viviendi SA, Current Stock Price: $19.60

These two companies own two the biggest labels involved in hip hop at the current moment. Respectively, these labels are the homes of some of your favorite artists like Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Big Sean, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and plenty of more, while the music groups are just one part of the conglomerate that makes up these two companies. Owning stock in these companies, puts you right in the game and can possibly give you the ability to affect change or be able to answers to questions you may have like why Sony won’t bail out Bobby Shhmurda or Rowdy Rebel?