Tragedy Khadafi, a.k.a. The Intelligent Hoodlum recently hooked up with the We Made It NYC Collective to go back to Queensbridge Park and reminisce about park jams and concerts that were held back when hip hop was still on the come up. Most know Khadafi for his work with Mobb Deep, Nas, Capone N Noreaga(CNN) and most notably, the legendary Juice Crew. In the eight minute clip, Khadafi breaks down the era, the feeling in the neighborhood at the time, watching Marley Marl rock the house, and his own experiences rocking Queensbridge Park back in the day. Throughout the years, Khadafi has released a lot of music and has a plentiful catalog. Currently, Khadafi is running his own record label 25 to Life and after a long hiatus is working with CNN on their latest album titled Lessons.

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Queensbridge Houses is legendary in hip hop because of the amount of talent that has emerged. Nas, Mobb Deep, Capone N Noreaga, Nature, Marley Marl, MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, Big Noyd, Cormega, and many others have all called Queensbridge home. Queensbridge Houses is also the largest public housing development in the United States of America.  The clip is the first episode of a series titled Field Trips produced by the We Made It NYC Collective.