The New York Giants and the New York Jets has been bitter rivals for over a half a century. With both teams having their post season on the line, the stakes couldn’t have been higher for their Sunday afternoon showdown. Despite the Jets missing their best cornerback in Darrelle Revis, they found a way to walk away with a rewarding victory. However this wasn’t an easy win. Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr is a dangerous playmaker if you’ve ever seen one. His 87 yard touchdown delivered a punishing blow to the Jets defensive moral. Although the Giants offense and special teams presented the opportunity to win, it was their defense who sealed their fate.

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The Giants defense looked exhausted. At the beginning of the of fourth quarter the defensive line started to get beat off the ball and the secondary was getting to Jets receivers a step late. The biggest sign of fatigue was when Jets receiver Eric Decker ran the same 10 yard post route three plays in a row and the secondary had no answer for it. Not to mention the Giant’s front 8 had no answer for the screens QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was throwing. The Giants defense was obviously tired but they were not the only ones to blame for this loss.

How many times have the Giants lost a game because of time mismanagement or bad decisions late in the game this season? Unfortunately, this is the only consistent trend this team displays. At some point we have to consider how well are the Giants being coached. If a team loses the same way week in and week out they’re not being coached correctly. Head Coach Tom Coughlin should be held accountable for his team’s short comings. Winning two Super Bowls with the Giants doesn’t mean he should be absolved from responsibility. The New York Giants are a sinking ship in the NFC East, maybe it’s time for a new captain.