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Like we always do it this time.

The first week of December in music is reserved for Grammy fever, incited by the foundation’s announcement of the year’s nominees. Excellence in Pop, R&B, Country, Rap and more are recognized, and everyone gets to soak in the experience until the winners are announced two months later, at February’s award show. Hip-Hop’s complicated relationship with The Grammys has been well documented for decades, especially as of late, when artists that many consider to be “Pop” find themselves nominated for core rap awards, most recently the controversy surrounding Iggy Azalea.

Naturally, in each category, there are always artists that feel–often accurately–that they’ve been snubbed out of a nomination, and they take that sentiment very seriously. Just ask J. Cole, who held up a “F*ck the Grammys” sign while on tour in 2013 after his sophomore album, Born Sinner, didn’t receive a Best Rap Album nomination.


As we peruse the R&B and Rap categories, here are the people that we feel should’ve been nominated–but weren’t.