After over a decade of paying dues, the New Jersey native cashes out on the charts.

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The road to success in the music industry is not an easy one. For each platinum selling artist or producer, there are thousands of hopefuls who never achieve their full potential, giving up on their dreams along the way. The story of New Jersey based producer/engineer Brian “Peoples” Garcia is one of persistence and resiliency, a perfect example of how far the will to succeed can take you.

Born and raised in Passaic, NJ, Peoples was introduced to the art of music at an early age. At the behest of his father, who did not want him involved in the trappings of street life, he joined the school band in 3rd grade, playing the drums and participating in choir. Under the tutelage of his then music teacher, Peoples soon learned various different styles of music, knowledge he has carried with him into adulthood.


In 2000, Peoples began channeling his passion for music into audio engineering and production. Little did he know that it would be over a decade before he would see any return on his dedication to sound and music. Known as being an uncompromising studio rat, Peoples would spend all of his days and nights in the lab, developing his craft and yearning for his big break.

Big Congratulations to Peoples on his Grammy nominations!!

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