Confrontation between fans at sporting events is commonplace. When the two teams are bitter rivals, the intensity is taken to another level. This was the case when NFC East rivals the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins squared off on Monday Night Football last night (December 7). Though both teams have losing records, 4-8 and 5-7 now respectively, that did nothing to quell the tension between fans.

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Following the Cowboys 19-16 defeat of the Redskins, a brawl erupted in the stands, at FedEx Field which left a few people injured. A video was posted on Facebook with a man sitting on the ground, as the narrator of the clip assumed that he had been stabbed. Police did later recover a knife on the scene, though other footage from the incident showed stadium security attempting to hide the object.

Redskins Senior VP of communications Tony Wyllie issued a statement:


We are aware of an altercation that took place at FedEx Field following Monday’s game. We thank members of the Prince George’s County Police Department who responded promptly to break up the altercation and arrested both men involved. Neither sustained injuries that required hospitalization. We will continue to gather more information on the matter and ensure the safety of all fans at FedEx Field.

Wowwwww. This place is a war zone right now. Fights breaking out everywhere. One dude got stabbed.

Posted by Mike Vaughn on Monday, December 7, 2015