“This is NOT an album.
This is NOT a mixtape.
This is simply a moment.
A moment in my life that inspired me to make this music and express these influences and inspirations.”

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And with those words, brandUn DeShay leaves you to hit play on his new collection of songs. Since putting out his last project (~3 years), he’s been capturing a pivotal moment in his life, musically and personally. It’s produced by himself, save for a couple of collaborations, and is composed like a continuous DJ mix as to simulate the unending phases of life that fall into each other. It even comes complete with dream sequences. The Chicagoan also confides his major doubts while catching you up on his travels. What’s worth a second listen afterwards though is the rich level of sonics brandUn explores throughout the album.

Or maybe you should listen to it the second time, synced with this.


You can buy a copy on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Oh, and mad props if anyone can name the sample at the beginning of “Chi-bUya/Osaka Pride.”

-Bryan “Had Em All” Hahn