If there’s anything you can take away from 2015, headed into 2016, it’s that you need to keep making moves and roll with the punches. When compared to last year, the releases in 2015 shamed those of 2014 and now we’re spoiled with a high standard for the new year. One of those reasons has been the consistent releases from Chicago’s independent label, Closed Sessions. They recently signed a new Cleveland artist, Kipp Stone, and it’s looking like another win in the bag.

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The new single with production from Boathouse offers a lot of insight into his 23 years of life thus far. He’s known people from the gutter to those who have made it out. Although the dreamy beat eases you into his life, it’s not a reality that is as easily swallowed.

Look out for The Grand Design on Closed Sessions.


-Bryan Hahn