A new mobile sharing app allows users to instantly share photos and video across mobile platforms.

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As the first and only mobile application to use drag-and-drop technology between devices, users can easily share an unlimited number of photos with a single swipe from one mobile device to another without exchanging contact info.

FotoSwipe eliminates sharing methods like text or email attachments, allowing users to privately exchange photos, and stores them in the phone’s native gallery.



“We developed FotoSwipe to take photo-sharing back to basics and provide an easy and simple way to send images from one mobile user to the next,” said Sylvain Dufour, FotoSwipe Founder & CEO.

The app’s patent-pending drag-and-drop technology enables users to quickly transfer all of the events’ photos from one device to the next with a single swipe. FotoSwipe not only lets users share large quantities of full resolution photos but also keeps them private. Transfers can be protected by a time-sensitive proximity key or by simply swiping from one device to another.

FotoSwipe is free and available to download now in the App Store or Google Play.