Authorities in Missouri contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a few men purchased over a hundred cellular phones in three separate areas near the city of St. Louis from local Walmart stores in a 24 hour period.

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Two men bought about 60 phones last Saturday in Lebanon in Southwestern Missouri were questioned by police, but released. One man bought 32 cellphones Saturday at a Wal-Mart in Macon using his credit card, but left the store before police were summoned. Five or more men were reported to have bought an unspecified number of the phones Friday night in Columbia.

The phones, which are pre-paid and known as “burners” or “Obama phones” in the streets, are popular among international travelers as well as drug dealers and gang members.


It is alleged that these purchases may be linked to terrorism because these types of phones are also common as detonators in makeshift timebombs.

Police reports did not reveal the names, races, religions or nationality of the said buyers.