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After pushing play, you might mistake this for a song off Justin Bieber’s latest album Purpose, but “Anyway” is actually the latest single from Chris Brown.

In “Anyway,” Brown pairs EDM sounds with a collaborative duet featuring Grammy nominated songwriter Tayla Parx, who’s written for artists including Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey. She’s also reportedly coming out with her own solo project soon.


This is one of those songs that will most likely have to grow on you (maybe voluntarily, or maybe after hearing it a million times in the club).

“Anyway,” along with previous released singles “Zero” and “Back to Sleep” definitely should tell you Brown’s upcoming album Royalty will certainly offer variety. Royalty is scheduled for release December 19.

Dropping the same day is Breezy’s BAPE Black Label Line, which will be all black and gold (similar to last season’s Travis Scott campaign). Aside from clothing, the line will also include a special edition Rolex.