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It’s well known The Game is the king of male thirst traps on Instagram, such as #FineN*ggaFriday and the rest of his outlandish hashtags some of us secretly enjoy.

We have to give him a little bit of credit for shouting out the hard-working, independent women around the world last night via his Instagram. Although Game may not be the best messenger of finding and keeping a good woman after starring in a dating reality show, being in a relationship with an 18-year-old Instagram model and breaking the heart of his ex fiancée (not to mention images like the one above), we must admit he does make some valid points.


Every time you log on to the social media service, a new Insta-famous vixen has the latest Chanel bag, a new Bentley, is boasted about in a rapper’s new song and let’s not forget, new body parts (butt injections, breast implants and etc) and is supposedly living a lavish life. From the outside looking in, these women have the two things almost everyone wants: love and success. In this impressionable generation, many young girls can confuse their path to success as the norm.

This is in no offense to women making money from these types of hustles, because many of us have at one point wished we had the resources and assets to do the same! Sometimes it’s nice to acknowledge the college girl working hard towards her goal and/or the accountant coming home from work after long day, wondering where she fits in a whole full of “bad b*tches.” It’s always nice to know these kind of women are still appreciated.