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It’s no question, Steph Curry is a problem. Since last season, Steph Curry has been terrorizing the league from behind the arc with his deadly shooting range and circus shots and today, it’s inevitable to not talk about him.  Although his team went on a crazy winning streak up until yesterday, they fell to the Bucks in a demising 95-108 loss. Now, they may have loss but Bucks head coach Jason Kidd had some great words to say about the guard.

Kidd states:


“He’s this generation’s Jordan.” Kidd told reporters. “We all wanted to be like Mike, and children today will grow up seeing Steph.”

Regardless of how you may see it or feel about the comment, Jason Kidd makes a very valid point, Steph is for this generation. Steph may not have the superior athleticism like a Lebron or the towering height of a Porzingis but he represents the everyday athlete and that’s the aura about Steph Curry. He’s like you and me and regardless of physical stature, he’s the perfect example of an athlete that the youth can look up too.