It’s happened folks. The hoverboard trend has now officially pissed off airport security.

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Friday, Southwest Airlines became the last of the USA’s major airlines to say they would no longer permit these devices on their aircrafts. This was following statements by Delta and United made Thursday. When asked Alaska Airlines is quoted saying,

“As cool as they are, there’s one big problem; they are not safe to transport on an airplane.”

Delta Airlines chimed in saying that, “..the poorly labeled, powerful lithium-ion batteries powering hoverboards are the issue…Delta reviewed hoverboard products specifications and found that manufacturers do not consistently provide details about the size or power of their lithium-ion batteries.”


The strength of these batteries has been found to exceed the strength allowed on airplanes and with ISIS attacks at an international high, these hoverboards have been deemed as security hazard. The batteries are also susceptible to overheating and can pose a fire hazard in the pressurized environment of an airplane. This decision came shortly after the social media explosion of videos contains hoverboards that have spontaneously combusted due to overuse. 

Outside of the US, British Airlines has also banned hoverboards.

The enjoyment of not walking has been made harder for those who have access to this luxury. This ban is following a trend of anti-hoverboard legislation that has become an international trend. The UK and New York City are among some of the places that have joined the “No Hoverboarding Allowed” campaign and the list is only growing. So what does this mean for those who plan to hover around their resort enjoying the sights on their vacations? Well in short, you’re just going to have to walk like the rest of us.