Now Jae, we are talking about J.R. Smith here…

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Last season during the Cavs/Celtics playoffs series, Jae Crowder was another person in the series to undergo a devastating injury in which he sprained his left ACL. With hours dwindling down before both teams take it to the hardwood, the Celtics swingman is hoping for an apology from the Cavs guard stating:

“I hope he apologizes [Tuesday], to be honest with you.”

When asked if J.R. intentionally tried to hurt him, he stated,”I hope he apologizes tomorrow,” Crowder said. “But if he doesn’t, we’ll play ball.”


Although it doesn’t sound like anything, it’s pretty evident that he expects an apology when they face off. However, we all know J.R and that’s not likely. When Celtics coach Brad Stevens was asked if there was any bad blood between the two squads, he politely stated:

“Last year was last year,” Stevens said. “I don’t know how guys on either side feel about it. I think, obviously Love’s injury was really unfortunate. We all know Kelly and we all know that he didn’t intend to hurt him. We were really fortunate that Jae, when he went down, didn’t have anything more serious than he had. But the game can get competitive. But it’s a new season for us and we’re focused on trying to play our best basketball.”

It sounds like Brad Stevens is over it, but more importantly, let’s hope Jae Crowder goes out there to plays ball because waiting around for an apology from J.R. Smith is unreal. Going to have to tune in when they face each other later today to see if he get’s what he’s looking for.