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New York, NY— HEINEKEN USA®   revealed a specially designed Vanson motorcycle jacket in partnership with Boston-based boutique Concepts, marking the last of five premium collaborations Heineken will launch in 2015. The outerwear piece will make its debut at a celebration at Concepts’ Harvard Square location tonight, and five attendees will have the opportunity to receive the custom item.



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For its sixth year, the #Heineken100 program teamed up with legendary men’s fashion stores in five of its fans’ favorite U.S. cities. These included Concepts in Boston, KITH in New York City, Union in Los Angeles, RSVP Gallery in Chicago and Alchemist in Miami. Each partner crafted a unique set of just 100 products that were unveiled at launch events and seeded to 100 national influencers.


“We wanted to create a piece that captures metropolitan style, while pushing the envelope on the 2015 program’s jersey knit theme,” said Concepts General Manager Deon Point. “We worked with Heineken and Vanson to produce a distinctive motorcycle jacket in grey fleece that incorporates Heineken-green lining.”


For the first time ever, in addition to custom goods, the program includes the #Heineken100 City Guide and local events in each of the five markets, for ages 21 and over. Created by the #Heineken100 retailers and Highsnobiety, the #Heineken100 City Guide highlights the favorite locales of its five culturally connected partners.


“This year’s #Heineken100 program has been more successful than ever before, and has allowed Heineken to connect with stylish beer drinkers on a local level via both the custom goods and the City Guide,” said Heineken USA Brand Manager Raul Esquer. “We’re proud to close this year’s #Heineken100 program on a high note with such a visionary Boston tastemaker.”

Five attendees won the product during an onsite raffle at the launch event. All others are being seeded to 100 national influencers (recipients include Pharrell, Brandon LaFell, Taj Gibson, Joel Madden, Maxwell Osborne and more).
This is the final collaboration for the 2015 #Heineken100, closing out the program’s 6th year. The other products released include include Union of Los Angeles (jersey knit sports coat), KITH in New York City (jersey knit “basics” set), Alchemist in Miami (“six-pack” of custom candles), RSVP Gallery in Chicago (jersey knit and lambskin hat)


Watch the #Heineken100 hashtag for more information.