Patriots Star, Gronk, Can’t Help But Make a Face Every Time This Reporter Says “69”

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By now, you know that Rob Gronkowksi, the Herculean New England Patriots tight end, is a clown by every definition of the word. This just affirms what we already knew.

Last night, after a decisive victory in Houston against a Texans team fighting for sole possession of first place in the AFC South, Gronk had himself a great comeback game–he missed last week’s game (a loss) against the Eagles–scoring a touchdown and catching four total passes, including one for 45 yards.


After the game, naturally, Gronk was in good spirits–maybe too good. While a reporter asked the tight end routine questions about his and Tom Brady‘s performance, which, by chance, included the number “69” twice, Gronkowski was back to his clown ways, making a funny face every time the number (or sexual innuendo) was brought up.

Winning heals all.