Thousands of Los Angeles school children have been sent home after a threat was issued to the school district Tuesday morning.

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According to NBC News, the Los Angeles school board received a bomb threat through an unidentified e-mail, and superintendent Ramon Cortines immediately issued parents the directive to keep their children home or pick them up early Tuesday morning (December 15).

Superintendent Cortines did not specify which schools were threatened but did say that he was not taking any precautions when it came to children, which makes sense, especially considering the San Bernadino shooting that left 14 dead earlier this month. Los Angeles holds one of the largest school districts in the nation with 640,000 children attending 1,000 of their schools.


Cortines says that he has plant managers going through school grounds, looking for anything unusual. The school district will make an announcement late on Tuesday detailing whether or not it is safe to send students back to school Wednesday.