Visuals of Sia and Rihanna casually hanging out, listening to music at Sia’s humble abode, are almost a dream to picture.

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As shared in an interview with BBC Radio 2, Sia spoke on the subject of the highly anticipated album from Rihanna, sharing possible hints at having a feature on the project.

Rihanna, who’s recorded several songs written by Sia, dropped by Sia’s house recently to listen to some work the singer-songwriter had cooking.


“She came over to my house the other night,” Sia said. “I’d never really met her before. I just sent her the tracks [in the past]. I had met her very briefly at SNL when she sang ‘Diamonds’… the other night she came over and listened to half of 25 songs I played her ’cause she’s still looking for songs for her new album.

“She’s very, very nice,” Sia said, continuing the subject of Rihanna in the interview. “Very poised and polite. She was there clearly to listen to songs and see if there was anything she was into. It was a business meeting for sure… She took four, but I don’t know if they’ll end up [on ANTI]… I’m pretty sure I have one on the next album, but not sure I’ll have more of that.”

Sia’s next album, This Is Acting, is due out sometime in 2016 whereas Rihanna’s album still has a cloud of mystery surrounding it.