Lively Latino songmaker Abiram Romero is set to launch his sophomore musical work, Sounds of Joy.

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The project celebrates the Yuletide season with a handful of Latino takes on classic Holiday hits. The EP features what Romero describes as a “ghetto fabulous Hip Hop” variation of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and a gypsy ballad of the elegant “Ave Maria.”

In a set of promotional images, the artist is seen enveloped by a dream like and jubilant atmosphere, posing close to striking women and dressed in loud, light purple Spanish garb. 


Available on iTunes and Amazon Music this week to coincide with the Latin festival of Las Posadas, Sounds of Joy features six tracks that stir up feelings of instant holiday glee. The EP’s tracklist includes “El Nino del Tambor” (Little Drummer Boy), “Archangel Gabriel Swell and the Prayer to Joy”, “El Burrito Sabanero”, “Alegres Cantad/Adeste Fideles” (Joy to the World/O Come Let Us Adore Him) and the aforementioned “Ave Maria” and “Ode to Joy.”

“I titled the EP Sounds of Joy because whatever language you speak, you’ll recognize these joyful tunes for the Christmas/Navidad season,” explains the LA-based Romero. Among others, the Latino crooner worked with Mariachi singer and arranger David Peña to devise fresh sonic interpretations of a few winter season songs.

As with his freshman album, Romero has put together a group of overtly talented musicians who have each had a hand in developing the sounds of some of the brightest stars of the current music industry. Drafting the multi-Grammy Award winning Arturo Medina who mastered the EP, Latin Grammy Award winner, keyboardist and accordion talent Enrique Carbajal (Enrique Iglesias), trombonist Les Benedict (Mariah Carey), horn and flutist Jon Cross (Paul Anka), viola artist Jay Tarrien (Moby, Beyoncé), violinist Paul Jacob Cartwright (Jennifer Hudson) and guitarist Ewen Williams (Beck), the forthcoming EP is completely representative of a group effort. In addition, Sounds of Joy features pioneering Mexican Rock vocalist Baby Batiz who draws parallels to Janis Joplin and is recognized by some as the Joplin of Mexico. Providing impassioned background vocals, “Baby Batiz added the soul to the album,” says Romero, “and I was thrilled to have her on the album.”

The Sounds of Joy deluxe edition will be available at independent music giant Amoeba Music, in January. Expect Romero’s holiday EP to drop in the very near future and check out Romero’s interesting documentation of the creative process involved on Vimeo. Listen to the self-proclaimed “wizard” of music’s first work titled Con El Nopal En La Frente (or in English “Cactus on Your Forehead”) available on iTunes now.