Cam Newton is a 6’5″, 245-pound professional football player–and MVP candidate, might we add–and Kevin Hart is a 5’2″ comedian. Newton shouldn’t be challenging Hart to anything, if we’re being honest.

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However, that’s exactly what happened when Kevin Hart and his Ride Along 2 co-star, Ice Cube, visited North Carolina to promote the sequel to their record-breaking film, and they bumped into Newton, who was riding around Charlotte surprising kids all around the city with his Santa Cam Surprise Sleigh program (all part of his Cam Newton Foundation).

Just after Newton presented Harding High School with a $7,500 check for a new weight room, he challenged Hart to bench press the 225 lb weight, and Hart, never one to back down from a challenge, dramatically obliged.


As you can see, he made it through three reps before tapping out, much to the delight of everyone watching.

Then, *dab*.

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