The 25 year old cover star talks about life with GQ….

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Hannah Davis covers Sport’s Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue and will soon be the wife of Derek Jeter. How dope is that? She sat down with GQ to talk a bit about her life and how everything has been going down. She talks how she got her first start in modeling, family and much more inside of her home. Check out the interview below.


“‘Started modeling to buy tennis rackets,’ she says. ‘And it kiiinda grew from there.’ (True-ish statement! For her pitch-ladyship withDIRECTV, in which she hangs with a talking horse on some azure coastline, she made, like, 8,427 tennis rackets. And the gazillion-carat meteor on her left hand is said—by at least one person!—to have set Jeter back about 1,342 Louisville Sluggers.)”

Check out a video snippet of the interview below.