Azealia Banks is known for her fair share of confrontations and controversies. Since her breakthrough hit “212” back in 2011, the Harlem native has been embroiled in skirmishes with her former label, Iggy Azalea, T.I., Funk Flex, Action Bronson, and the list goes on. Back in November of the is year, the rapper was being investigated for allegedly assaulting a security guard and according to reports, she has had another run in with security

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Early Wednesday morning (December 16), Banks was looking to gain entry into Manhattan’s Up & Down nightclub but was stopped at the door because she did not have a hand stamp that was required for the invite-only party.

According to Page Six, Banks became infuriated and lashed out at security, whom didn’t know of her celebrity status.


[Azealia Banks was] screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing about who she was and that she was on Rihanna’s album

When the verbal shots didn’t gain her the desired results, things got physical.

[Banks] spit in the [female bouncer’s] face before biting the same woman in the boob, almost ripping her shirt . . . as they took her out.

The report also claims that the rapper not only threatened to call police but also allegedly punched the same female bouncer in the face in front of authorities before being arrested. When cuffed, onlookers claim she asked “why are you arresting me?” Banks is facing a misdemeanor charge of third degree assault.