Monica is doing her press rounds to promote anticipated new album Code Red, dropping December 18,

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During a sit down with the Huffington Post Live, Monica was asked about her long-time alleged feud with fellow R&B superstar Brandy.

Shutting down rumors once and for all, Monica said there was never a feud, and it was all a marketing plan that went wrong.


“It started off as brilliant marketing and what started to happen was people starting creating these skits and the fans divided and it became this kind of real thing,” said the veteran singer.

She further addressed the ‘beef’ on 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, adding she’d never even met Brandy until they were in the studio together recording “The Boy is Mine.”

She says she’s always supported Brandy and vice versa.

“We’re grown women … She’s a brilliant artist and I support her. If my fans want to support her too why not? … There’s room for both of us. We’re not competing with each other.”