Chris Brown released a visual early this morning to accompany his track, “Little More,” also released this morning on his highly anticipated album, Royalty.

In the video, we start off with Chris dreaming about a tumultuous relationship, which leads him to party, do drugs, and trip out to the point of hallucination.


In the video, his life (and dream) is quickly shaken and snapped back to reality by the presence of his daughter, Royalty, sitting on the bed beside him.

After some moments of shock, confusion, and a subtle hint of fear, Chris then embraces the cute little girl.

The rest of the video goes on to highlight his new, and much happier, life with his daughter by his side.

Along with sweet lyrics about a life changing love he’s never known and never wants to leave, we can’t help but wonder if the video serves as a musical memoir and parallel to Chris’ real life. The sweet video and song is the perfect way to kick off the release of Royalty.