Since dropping his first project Till The End Of Summer a little over a year ago, Florida singer-songwriter Villz has been rapidly gaining momentum and growing a cult like fan base drawn to his dark, seductive lyricism.

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He’s acquired the attention of Atlanta’s DJ Funky of The Coalition DJs, Akon, T.I.G, Joe Budden and low-fi/edm producers Boy Genius of the group BaseCamp just to name a few.

While his sound has been hard to box, the recent spotlight on alternative R&B from artists like Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez has opened the door for the experimental blend of trap and soul music.


However, putting Villz in just the alternative R&B category seems stifling ,as he offers arrogant one-liners and intricate word play; traits found more often in a rapper. Specifically, his abilities as a story teller set Villz apart from others in a similar lane. Each of his songs are intricately woven into the next, expressing his own thoughts and emotions through the guise of stories. He takes you in and out of dark places, giving you a look inside his tormented ego, as he attempts to make sense of the “grey areas” of life.

His lyrical imagery is awakened when translated visually as you’ll see in his latest music video “Exposed” , a single from his album V Preview 2. In “Exposed” directed by Nasser Boulaich and produced by Al Lozano we are given the first part of a two part complicated love narrative.

Actress Yassmen Maree is portrayed seemingly ignoring Villz’s attempts to contact her as if she’s giving him the runaround. However, upon noticing clues such as Maree starting her day listening to Villz’s music, or her having the exact same bed sheets that Villz has in his “420am” music video, we realize that she’s in fact the one who is obsessed with him.

Although we have been given clues to elude that they have some sort of relationship, in the end we are still left with more questions than answers. Luckily part two of the video which will be to single “Territorial” (dropping December 29, 2015) will provide more backstory, and reveal why she grabs the gun and who is actually the obsessor.

You can check out the video below, and find more of his music Here.