The Doppelgangaz take a couple things in life very seriously, namely in this instance: beats and brothels. In an instrumental series the duo credits to inspiration from visiting brothels around the world, Beats For Brothels Vol. 3 helps level up The ‘Gangaz growing catalog of independent Hip Hop releases.

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BFBV3 was produced in-house by The Doppelgangaz, the partnership of Matter ov Fact and EP, and features guest production on two tracks, out of the LP’s twelve, from Thonio. Taking control of their own creative direction has been a focal point, crucial to the world The Doppelgangaz have worked to create, from donning black cloaks during performances to shooting music videos in industrial wastelands to handling their own production and song-writing, their music matches their seemingly mysterious lifestyles with charm.

For the third installment of their series, BFBV3 is the most forward-thinking of the series, breaking away from strictly being an instrumental release. Gritty is the first word that comes to mind when describing their sound on this project, but their music isn’t isolating. Their dark and cryptic nature is intriguing and their uniqueness is captured wonderfully in this release.


The series champions a make-something-from-nothing vibe; the kind that amps you up and inspires you to do your own thing, and change the path you’re on to wander into the unknown. If you need that extra push a special kind of soundtrack can provide to do something different, The ‘Gangaz have you covered.

BFBV3 is available today [December 18] via iTunes.