Within the last few months, celebrities all over the globe have been giving in to Snapchat’s rising popularity. The latest celeb to jump on the social network’s bandwagon is none other than DJ Khaled.

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During his short stint on the app Khaled’s become one of the most popular celebs to follow. The Miami native documents his day-to-day life, including his aquatic jet-ski adventures, hanging out with Rick Ross for lunch, bumping into Bryson Tiller in the ocean and watering his plants.

Every day’s another hilarious journey on Khaled’s pathway to success. Khaled uses his Snaps to share with us the intimate details of his life even in the shower. His profound wisdom every day is an extended “You smart, you loyal,” speech. Check Khaled out as he gets lost at sea and almost drowns while jet-skiing home at night time. Although he (thankfully) survives, he explains you need these obstacles in life to succeed. Also, you can probably thank Khaled for the overuse of key emojis and the phrase “key to success” everywhere now.


Check out the Top Five reasons why you should be following DJ Khaled on Snapchat if you’re not already (perhaps the main question we all ask ourselves after watching is, “What kind of waterproof iPhone case does this guy have?!”).

  1. The Keys to Success: One of the main reasons to follow Khaled is to learn his “keys to success.” Each morning he shares with his followers the different pathways to success and how to reach your highest potential. His metaphoric plant watering sessions allow us to learn this path didn’t come easy! It takes a disciplined mindset, hard work and dedication, while sitting in your hot tub because it’s all about the “vibe.” Khaled says never give up! He even shares the keys to good hygiene and health.
  2. Motivation: If waking up every morning to a personal chef in a beautiful mansion, then riding on a jet ski to your celeb friends’ homes such as Rick Ross and Taz Angels doesn’t motivate you to make more money, we don’t know what else will.
  3. Overcoming “THEY”: Khaled often speaks of “they” and how “they” don’t want you to be great. Many of us wonder who “they” are. From what we’ve gathered (context clues, of course): ”they” are the haters and people who don’t want you to succeed. He teaches us keep moving successfully because they’re still going to hate. The key is to rise above them.
  4. Perspective: Khaled takes a moment every day to reflect on his blessings and be thankful. He reminds us to remove distractions to maintain our focus while over-watering his plans. He also teaches us to remain humble and take the trash out every morning.
  5. A good laugh: As if following Khaled getting pulled over by the jet ski police and almost drowning isn’t funny enough, you’ll also begin to love his catchy phrases such as “LION!,” “Let’s see what’s for breakfast?,” and “Bless Up.”