Next year we have plenty to look forward to, but one thing we can definitely be on the look out for is Nicki Minaj’s ABC Family scripted comedy, Nicki. The rapper revealed the cast of her TV family and is ecstatic about the people she’s encountered during the show’s auditions.

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“Fruitvale Station’s” Arianna Neal will play a young Nicki Minaj. The star studded cast will also include supermodel-actress Selita Ebanks as Grace, Minaj’s mother, while Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg will guest star as Minaj’s neighbor, Miss Martha. Wesley Jonathan who starred in “The Soul Man” will take on the role of Minaj’s father, Vincent, and McCarrie McCausland from “Army Wives” will play Minaj’s older brother, Jaylen.

“I literally cried watching her taped audition,” said Minaj, who discovered Neal after a nationwide search. “I demanded to meet her! Sat in a room with her teaching her how to rap by doing a beat on the table & forcing her to stay on beat! Lol. Then pulled out all the attitude she had in her lil body. Haha! She’s tough! And so sweet & cute. #ArianaNeal #LilNicki Welcome to the family lil lady bug!” said minaj via an Instagram post.


Minaj will serve as the Executive Producer and will appear on the show as well. “I’ve been going to the auditions falling in love with some incredible people. Looking forward to unveiling this groundbreaking new show for you guys in 2016!” The show, written by Kate Angelo, will document Nicki’s childhood growing up in Queens, New York from being part of an immigrant family from Trinidad to her blossoming into stardom. Nicki is set to air next year on the ABC Family network, soon to be called Freeform starting Jan. 12.

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