Yesterday [Friday, December 18] we unleashed what we thought were the 25 Best Hip Hop/Rap songs of the year, ranging from deep cuts from guys like Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco to some of the ill smashes of 2015, including Drake‘s “accidental” hits and Big Sean‘s comeback anthem.

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It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t acknowledge the great Hip Hop that dropped this year that wasn’t “rap” per se, but still left a lasting impact on 2015. Our Hip Hop/R&B list acknowledges great work from guys like Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd, the year’s breakout star Bryson Tiller and more. Don’t sleep on them! Some of the best music of the year is on this list.

We’re presenting the 15 Best Hip Hop/R&B songs we feel defined 2015, from “songs of the summer” to anthems dropping early this year that still ring true in December. On the flip side, there are absolutely numerous records that hurt us to leave off—and we’re 100 percent positive you’ll let us hear about it.


On Monday, we’re diving into the 25 Best Hip Hop/Rap albums and the 15 Best Hip Hop/R&B albums of the year. Oh, the debates are just getting started.

Enough with the small talk, let’s get into it.