With a little less than two weeks left in 2015, Meek Mill continues to find himself in precarious situations. The rapper was in court the recently and is technically in violation of his probation after he made trips outside of Philadelphia without the consent of his parole officer. This along with allegedly submitting questionable urine samples. Since the decision, the judge assigned to the case has ordered Meek to remain in Philadelphia and not to perform anywhere, even if it is in his home city until the February 5 sentencing date.

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The decision is costing Meek Mill quite a bit of money. He was scheduled to performing alongside his girlfriend Nicki Minaj in Las Vegas, and was set to earn $140,000, money which has now gone up in smoke. One of the bigger losses though was his opportunity to have a role in the upcoming Will Smith produced film 12 O’Clock Boys.

The film’s premise is that of the Baltimore based illegal dirt bike riders and the Philadelphia rapper was casted for the role of Wheelie Wayne. Unable to leave Philadelphia until the February and also looking at possible lengthy time in prison, that major acting opportunity is now on ice as well.


Meek’s team has argued that he did reach out to his parole officer but many of the calls but went unanswered. And as for the urine samples, they allege that one of the samples was inconclusive because of creatine that was in the container while the other was accidentally thrown out by the lab tech.