It has been some time since the rap world has heard from Kreayshawn on a major scale. Today though, the Bay Area native is making a few headlines, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with her musical pursuits. The rapper took to her Twitter account to lament about her bank account being wiped clean by the IRS.

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Kreayshawn spoke her piece, stating that she did “pay” her taxes, but alleges that her account never filed for her and instead pocketed the money. She had assumed that she would be able to be on a payment plan per her lawyer, but to her surprise, her bank account is now at zero, forcing her to pay her back taxes from 2011, her most lucrative year.







It is important to know that the responsibility of paying your taxes is ultimately on the client, not the accountant. Following up to make sure your accountant is on the up and up is crucial.