Your neck hurts. Your back hurts. You don’t have a job with heavy lifting. Despite the game they try to run on you, it ain’t all due to age. A lot of it comes from unintended stress that is placed on the neck and back due to lifestyle choices.

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That job you have may not involve heavy lifting, yet many of us are at jobs nowadays where we sit on our ass all day long. The body is designed to move. Technology is a reason, too. With cellphones, we have all neck ask bent up. Stress.

Barring critical neck or back damage the best solution to the above is prevention through daily maintenance. At work, take those walking breaks. Move something. Stretch in the morning. At night, the body compresses in order to clear toxins out of the body. It’s tight. Stretch the muscles, nerves and vertebrate. Breath oxygen in your body to keep that blood lubrication on point. Cut down the wear and tear on the body. Be proactive.