Last night, social media was in a frenzy over the most recent post on Nicki Minaj‘s Instagram account, which featured her and boyfriend Meek Mill posing with some folks that went on a visit to a Philadelphia group home with her that “made my year!” Unfortunately, the conversation surrounding Minaj’s picture wasn’t about her philanthropic efforts, but rather the fact that the area of the photo that depicted Meek Mill’s shoes was blurred out, leading to incessant social media speculation.

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While most people theorized that she was dutifully hiding the fact that Meek Mill had on a sportswear brand other than Puma on his feet–Meek has been endorsed by Puma for several years–(ridiculous) rumors began circulating last night that Meek in fact had on Drake‘s OVO Jordans. Even GQ hypothesized that could be one of the reasons why Nicki blurred her picture out.

As it happens, Meek just didn’t want anyone at Puma to see him sporting Jordans on his ultra famous girlfriend’s Instagram page. This unedited version of the photo shows he just had on a crisp pair of Legend Blue 11’s. Makes perfect sense.