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Earlier this year, Kid Cudi had his moment in the Ted Talk spotlight, where he visited his former high school in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

His speech is now available online, and features all sorts of wisdom and anecdotes about things he’s learned along his path to success. Topics the musician touched upon include how his daughter changed his life, relocating to NYC and of course, a little bit of nostalgia about his time in high school.

“I wish I applied myself [in my academics] as much as I applied all the energy into music as I did,” he says, of his time in high school. “A lot of people look at me now and say ‘Oh, it must be dope to be a rapper.’ It is dope, it is awesome. Top notch (laughs). But I can’t say that sometimes I don’t want to go back and relearn things.”

Kid Cudi’s full Ted Talk is available in full here, and his latest studio album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, is now available via iTunes.