Toronto’s Derek Wise had one heck of a year. From releasing various records to being a notorious topic of your favorite magazine, Wise has built himself a reputation. Who was also recently seen in Future‘s music video “Colossal”. The XO rapper finishes the year off with Glam Wave which consists of three brand new songs from the Canadian rapper.

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“Runnin’ It” is a brooding track seeing Derek effortlessly float across Geoff Wood‘s production. Embodying Derek’s attitude and Glamorous aura, this is perfect to press play when you feel like you’re running the world and everything in it. “Lay Low” is a contagious wave and like the title suggests is focused on getting low, and getting your life + money right. Stepping outside of melancholia and into an innate bounce and melody, Wise provides an anthem for everybody concerned with grinding and shining. “Lay Low” is produced by Ikaz boi. “How Would You Feel” is an empathetic personal track from Derek Wise; from the topic of fake friends, personal obstacles, women, and more. Take a glimpse into Derek’s glamorous but jarring reality with the vibe-worthy record produced by Geoff Wood and Stretch.

Glam Wave’s song’s “Runnin’ It”, “Lay Low”, and “How Would You Feel” exemplify the growth Derek’s experienced over the last year while working on his forthcoming debut release.


Take a listen below.