Instead of trying to Netflix and chill this holidays, invite that someone special over and impress him/her with a couple films on the rich history of New York City. You may even win yourself a second date. The good folks at Oscilloscope Laboratories have released a documentary on the legendary photographer, Jamel Shabazz. It was directed by Charlie Ahearn, who you should recognize as the man behind WILD STYLE. Aside from the great pictures that Shabazz took, the film covers Shabazz’s life, the impact of his work, and those influenced by it like KRS-One, Bobbito Garcia, and Fab 5 Freddy. You can purchase the DVD HERE, stream the trailer below, or purchase it for stream HERE.

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Oscilloscope also released a special edition version of the 1981 film, Stations of the Elevated. This one is more of a 45 minute city symphony directed, produced, and edited by Manfred Kirchheimer. Save this for the artsy girl/guy you’re trying to impress. It was shot on 16mm color reversal stock so the images could breathe. Consider it an ode to the 70’s when graffiti covered elevated subway trains were the setting for everyday life. The commentary-free soundtrack combines ambient city noise with jazz and gospel by Charles Mingus and Aretha Franklin. You can purchase that DVD HERE, stream the trailer below, or purchase it for stream HERE.


-Bryan Hahn