Finish your holiday shopping yet? No? Get back out there, slacker. Yes, well sit back and reward yourself with some new vibes. Today, we are proud to present a new producer to your ears, Bengfang. The visual artist and producer from Chicago grew up in St. Paul, MN as a child to two fine artists. He moved to Chicago and attended film school. Afterwards he created music and sound effects for films and mobile app games. His first release “The Gossip Hour” was in 2012 and he followed that up with the Black Texture EP.

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His latest effort will be his IMPERIAL GRAND project will be heard in 2016. But before we get that, enjoy this trippy video for “Effleurage,” which is a French word for “light touch” or “skim.” We’ll let Bengfang explain the concept:

“I wanted to create a sound that embodied the soft touch and feel of ‘Effleurage.’ I experimented with frequencies and melodies to try and find a balance between sonically sounding good and also having the physical vibration to tingle the eardrums. The high end frequencies that are layered on the lead/melody smoothes the ear drums in a way a skim or light touch would feel on the skin. The video concept came when Brian [co-director] approached me to do a video for the song. We were talking and he said that the song gave him a really dreamy and surreal feeling. It was shot on 16mm film which gives it a really warm and nostalgic feeling.”

-Bryan Hahn