Under his Larry Fisherman alias, Mac Miller has discovered what is possibly one the best Billy Joel songs of all time – “Vienna.”

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The 1977 ballad is an emotional track for Joel, with many quotable lyrics. Miller’s take is minimal, focusing on the soulful and simplicity of lyrics, “Where’s the fire, what’s the hurry about? / You’d better cool it off before you burn it out.”

Slowing down the track greatly from its original version, Miller’s rendition of the track is more relaxing than inspiring, but does capture some of Joel’s melancholy. With an airiness to the vocals alongside cautiously strummed piano chords, the track is sure to slow down heart rates while also raising an eyebrow to the creepy, experimental vibe the producer/rapper was going for.


Miller recently postponed four upcoming shows, slated for touring in Australia, after spending three months promoting his last album, GO:OD AM, on the road. “I haven’t cancelled anything in 5 years, but I found out I was human,” he explained via Twitter. “F*ck. I thought I was a super hero … I’m not giving up on that theory.”