Yes. A new year is right around the corner. Gym membership will jump like crazy during the month of January and you might not be able to get a spot in on your favorite exercise machine. Traditionally though, by February, the gym is a ghost town and it’s business as usual. Here are some simple ways to not be a statistic and carry through your plan for the “new you.”

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Mixtape vs. Album: Take small steps instead of huge ones. Mixtapes gets a person’s name out there, while albums sometimes never come or don’t reach the peoples expectations. Add more water, walking, fruits/veggies to your routine. Keep it simple.

“Don’t be a one hit wonder”: Going hard for a few weeks then fizzing it ain’t the business. Work to be consistent. Try a couple of hours a couple of days a week instead of four hours everyday at the gym.


Don’t be limited: Losing weight may be one of your goals, yet “diversify the bonds”. Try getting physically in shape to actually feel better; increase your health and fight preventable diseases. This way, you’ll always see progress in some area.

Really invest in the new you and you’ll see it beyond the new year.