Did Justin Beiber hire a new street team that keeps it gully and is now killing the streets with graff promoting his new album?

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Well, yes.

After weeks of complaints from San Francisco residents, City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent a leter to Def Jam and Universal Music Group yesterday demanding that they identify and punish those who are responsible for the stencil style graffiti found on the sidewalks of ‘Frisco promoting Beiber’s new Purpose LP, which was released on November 13.


Herrera said in his letter that the graffiti

“illegally exploits our city’s walkable neighborhoods and robust tourism; intentionally creates visual distractions that pose risks to pedestrians on busy rights of way; and irresponsibly tells our youth that likeminded lawlessness and contempt for public property are condoned and encouraged.”

The ads in San Francisco continued the graff themed promo campaign for the album in which Bieber first revealed the tracklist with photos of bombed walls around the world.

Neither Def Jam or Universa lhas responded to the letter.