Jungl Julz is the official Snoop Dogg licensed jewelry line designed by leading men’s jewelry brand, King Ice.

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The licensing agreement, according to Cuong Diep, the co-owner of King Ice:

“Aims to provide Snoop Dogg with his own line of products, envisioned and approved by Snoop to appeal to both his fans and our own. But more importantly, provide a line of products that are both affordable and made from the highest quality of materials that fans of the King Ice and the Snoop Dogg brand will enjoy.”

The Jungl Julz brand represents a ‘jungle-mentality’, a concept that views the world as a place where ‘only the strong survive.’ The street-inspired collection fuses themes of both hip hop culture and animal life. 15 flagship items including rings, bracelets, pendants, and cigar tips will resonate with the streetwear community.


Jungl Julz prices range from $60 to $100. Peep the catalog here: KingIce.com.