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9. Michigan State Pulls Off Miracle Win Against Michigan University In Final Seconds

NCAA Football seemingly has miracle moments happen every year and 2015 was no different. In October, the Michigan Wolverines were riding high with a 6-1 record under new head coach Jim Harbaugh, formerly of the the NFL’s 49ers, and were looking to gaining a victory over longstanding rivals Michigan State. The Wolverines had been on the losing end of the rivalry in recent years, and with 10 seconds left in regulation, and up 23-21, the team looked ready to bring home the win. All they had to do was punt the ball away.


Though it is a simple special teams play that every football team runs during every game, Michigan’s long snapper Scott Sypeiwski’s snap was low and was muffed by punter Blake O’Neil. As he attempted to regain control and punt the ball away, O’Neil was bombarded by MSU defenders, and the ball was recovered by safety Jalen Watts-Jackson, who was able to return it for the game winning touchdown with the help of his blockers. If Watts-Jackson had been brought down at any point, the Wolverines would have been in the clear considering the clock had already struck zero, but thanks to the effort by his teammates, MSU was able to pull off a miracle last second win off of such a costly blunder.