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5. Golden State Warriors Set New NBA Record Starting Season 24-0

Going into the 2015-2016 NBA season, the Stephen Curry led Golden State Warriors were the talk of the league, coming off a remarkable championship run, which saw their star point guard join the ranks of LeBron James and Kevin Durant as one of the basketball’s most talked about stars. If Curry’s play on the court was not mesmerizing enough, his supporting cast of Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and a bevy of solid role players ensured that they would be in contention for another title.


Little did NBA fans know what the Warriors had in store for the year, as they opened up the season with a record setting 24 game winning streak. Further showcasing their dominance was the manner with which they earned the victories, effortlessly scorching their opponents with blowout scores, leading many to compare them to great squads of the past, including the 95-96 Chicago Bulls, which hold the best regular season record ever at 72-10. Currently sitting at a 29-1 record, the Warriors have a great shot at surpassing the feat. With this amazing record, an NBA title, Curry the reigning league MVP and AP Male Athlete of the Year, basketball in 2015 belonged to the Golden State Warriors.