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2. Holly Holm Defeats Ronda Rousey For UFC Bantamweight Championship

In a sport previously dominated by men, Ronda Rousey became one of the UFC’s biggest stars boasting a undefeated record, while vanquishing many of her opponents in under 30 seconds. Her sheer dominance and often times brash personality outside of the octagon drew comparisons to boxing legend Mike Tyson. After a brief skirmish with Holly Holm at the weigh in prior to their bout in Australia, Rousey took to her Instagram to taunt her challenger as she had already chalked this up as just another notch on her resume.


Holm, who is a champion boxer and kick boxer, had all of the necessary tools to make for an upset. From the start of the match, it was clear that Holm was not to be taken lightly as Rousey struggled to gain an advantage. With a minute left in the 2nd round, Holm struck Rousey with the head kick heard round the world, as she became the new Bantamweight Champion. UFC pundits declared it the greatest upset in the sports history, and the former champion became the butt of many jokes on social media for the next month. Pride comes before the fall.