Exclusive: King Louie Talks His Shooting & His New Outlook With ‘The Source’


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In our first-ever digital-only issue–the 2015 Rookie/Man of the Year Issue–we sat down with King Louie, the Chicago rapper who was shot multiple times in his hometown last week, and just a week later, is up on his feet speaking and living with a new purpose and outlook. The issue will be released later today, and the above audio is the extended version of the interview that appears in our Rookie/Man of the Year issue.


With a slew of mixtapes to his name, a record deal with Epic Records, and an ever-growing fan base, one of Drill music’s originators, King L, had a near-fatal scare on his journey as he was shot in his native city of Chicago on the night of December 23, 2015. As he and a group of friends sat in a vehicle, roughly 22 bullets were fired at them, 7 of which reportedly struck King L in his chest and head. Miraculously, he survived the incident, escaping death for the 3rd time—as he shared with The Source in an exclusive interview—he was shot once in the leg a month prior, and was struck by a car several years ago.

Rappers being the victim of gun violence are nothing new to Hip Hop culture, as bullets have struck superstars from yesteryear to present day. Given the extreme nature of King L’s attack, an outpouring of love and support was sent to him by fans and various members of the Hip Hop community. One of his most notable visitors happened to be the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who at the young artist’s hospital bedside providing wisdom, guidance and most importantly, understanding. “He knows what I rap about. He knows exactly where I come from, but he knows I have a voice and the only way I can speak with that voice is to speak about what people know, and not sugarcoat the sh*t.”

Hailing from a city that is widely known for having a high murder rate—further exacerbated by revenge killings—King L took a different approach when speaking on his attackers. “I don’t know who the shooter is, and honestly I don’t give a f**k, but I prayed for them.”

To hear the provocative and exclusive interview in its entirety, listen to the audio above. For more on King L, check out our 2015 Rookie/Man of the Year Digital-Only Issue.