Take a hike. With a heightened awareness of his surroundings as he continues to climb the charts and take his career to soaring peaks, K Camp keeps his head in the clouds and feet on the ground in the presence of those with ulterior motives on “Up,” an elevating collaboration with Quavo from his new mitape K.I.S.S. 3 – the latest edition in his intimate series of freebies that began in 2011.

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Erring on the side of caution as a big fish in a small pond, the Atlanta rapper learns to sniff out suspiciously fishy behavior as women begin to come out of the woodwork once he suddenly has the world by its tail. Though he may appear to be a sitting duck to those who don’t wanna miss the boat and see him as a free ride to the top, he sincerely doubts they’ll hold him down if his status eventually takes a turn for the worse, and subsequently refuses to take the bait and fall for their deceit. After all, talk is cheap.